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Thread: Mixing with mainly stock sounds

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    Mixing with mainly stock sounds

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    Hey guys I wanted to show you my processing on this particular chill beat. I used two third party plugins which were the CLA2A and Kickstart but the rest of the plugins were all stock. what do you guys think!? *sorry for all the rants btw lol*

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    I also posted on your video.

    Dope beat. I agree with your rants. You REALLY don't need many plugins these days as daws are ULTRA capable and any VST is super feature packed. To me, they are just like gear and mostly for fun and not critical to making music. I tend to go towards stuff that offers totally unique workflows like obscurium by sugar bytes and etc... Or music theory plugins as I'm not a musician.

    As far as your beat. Def feeling the vibe. It's actually very powerful in that sense of capturing that chill modern vibe without being cheap and commercial.

    I personally would bring the Bass up in the mix. The crackle is a nice vintage touch however it seems a little high in the mix. Other than that man, spot on.

    I'm listening on: Sennheiser HD6 Mix Closed-back Isolating Mix/Studio Headphones

    They aren't expensive or anything but they guide me pretty good I think.

    How are you going about mixing (and maybe mastering?). Beat sounds pretty good loudness wise.

    Including the sample is a nice touch. Think I'll flip it tomorrow. Is it royalty free?

    And how is beatstars treating you?

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    Thank you man I really appreciate it!

    Love all the creative feedback!! I will take them into consideration.

    As far as mixing the beat:
    I try to leave headroom for any potential vocals and leave stuff pretty back in the mix just to preserve that chillness. I don't master them I just make sure they're at a good loud point so when someone hears it and if they wanna put vocals on it they still have a pretty decent amount of headroom. I always try to make the person's job that comes next easier.

    the sample is my own sample so yes it's royalty free! can't wait to hear what you can come up with!

    Beatstars is treating me all right. I just started with them 2 months ago so It's a process. I'm just working on building my catalog at the moment untill I can build an audience and potential clients.

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