Hey guys,

I have been mixing my debut classical guitar album with a producer in my local studio.

On every sound system it sounds different where the negative points vary.

On iMac internal speakers the tone sounds great but the tracks "boom" and sort of distort as if there is too much dynamics.

On my headphones which I think are better than my iMac speakers, the tracks sound like there is just a whole load of bass with a low level melody being played within it

On these Bose companion speakers I seem to have the opposite problem, no bass or threatening amount of dynamic but the mix sound bland with just the plain and placid sounds of notes.

But in the studio the mix sounds absolutely perfect, which to me sounds like pretty bad news in this case. It's a real shame since I've had to re-mix the tracks for the second time now and I hardly know anything about this stuff. I'm not going to know when the tracks are going to be correct in the studio for the appropriate listening perspective on all other devices.

The problem I'm having is, I thought the mastering stage would standardise the tracks so the songs sound "normal" or decent on most systems. But I've read on other forum posts that sometimes mastering makes issue worse and it is in fact during the mixing stage where you need to mix the tracks in a form that is fair for other speaker setups. So actually on the studio speakers you wouldn't want it to sound good on there, the audio needs to be in a certain state so that when you take it away and play it on other lesser quality systems, the music is presented adequately.

So I don't know what to do really, do you guys think the mix is at a stage to be mastered, and these inconsistencies is because of a lack of mastering, or do I still have a big mix issue? The Signature+ comp etc.mp3So Fragile + comp etc.mp3The Dream is Real + comp etc.mp3

Your thoughts would really be appreciated, thanks a lot.