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Thread: Is this mix/master..... good?

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    Is this mix/master..... good?

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    My friend bought a Rode NT1A and recorded a song over a YouTube MP3 that I mix/mastered for him. Here's the result.

    What I Do (Prod. 4K) by Grove | Free Listening on SoundCloud
    What do you think?
    What do you hear?
    How can I make it better?
    How can I get a more professional sound?
    Thanks !

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    I think you did a good job on the vocal recording itself...nice phat signal.

    The only issue I can hear is that the vocal and the track aren't completely blending with one another. Here are a couple things I would try to blend them... it sounds like you could cut a few db in the 250hz-600hz range of the vocal...also, where do you have your high pass filter set on your vocal; it sounds a little low? Try listening to the verb room thats on the track itself... it sounds like your vocal effects (verb or delay) might need to be eq'd to sound closer to what the track effects are themselves... Here's another trick---> set up an Aux with Parallel compression, send the parallel compression to the vocal track...compress the **** out of it... ratio 10:1, attack .01, release 400, smash the threshold, and put the makeup gain at 75%... I know it sounds like a lot, but you can adjust to taste since you're sending the signal from an Aux... just some thoughts.

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