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Thread: is the low end of my mixes too loud or am I a mixing god?

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    is the low end of my mixes too loud or am I a mixing god?

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    i'm not sure if i might have a monitoring issue with my low end. whenever A/Bing my mixes with selected reference songs i always find that my low end is more or maybe too prominent compared to the reference songs. but when playing my mixes on different systems (eg. in my car) i always find that my low end works really well. now i'm not sure if i'm a bit of a mixing genius by now and the commercial tracks i reference with just lack low end/have their low ends badly mixed or if i'm not a mixing god at all and my low end is way too loud. could you therefor please check my following mixes on your monitors and let me know if you find that my mixes are well balanced or not and in case that you'll find them not well balanced please point out the frequency ranges that have issues:

    godlike low end by Warriorstance | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    cheers and thanks for your help!

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    The mixes are too muddy and dead. There's no definition or dynamic to it. I would suggest moving to headphones if you're struggling.

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    Mixing low end, or getting it tight is the hardest part of mixing process.

    Filters are your friends, and HP everything up to a point of course. (clean up) even things you dont thing need it, they all add up to the devils source if you don't control it.

    Then the effected ones that your still struggling with try and control them more using as multiband compressor > EQ > Compressor > EQ.

    multiband to control, EQ to get rid of the unwanted, Compressor to even, and finally the EQ to Colour.

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    eq everything
    reverb everything
    compress everything
    even if subtle

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