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Thread: Logic Pro X Software Inst. only Orchestral - Advice/Critique

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    Logic Pro X Software Inst. only Orchestral - Advice/Critique

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    Gabriel's Oboe.mp3

    Been working with the built in Studio Strings and oboe for an arrangement of Gabriel's Oboe (from the motion picture The Mission).

    I've got it the best I can, so now I need brutal critique from anyone who knows more about mixing and orchestral arrangements than me (so, almost anyone).

    Currently I don't like the vibrato on the oboe; it's too constant. I like the sound of the Oboe Solo Legato on the EXS24 for what I'm doing, but while I can't seem to modify the vibrato or tie it to any type of controller, so it just keeps on at its constant pace. The other oboe sounds in EXS24 seem way too reedy to me - not sure why the legato one sounds fuller, but it does.

    Anyway, all feedback is appreciated!
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