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Thread: I need help with flanger transitions! I can't get them smooth enough.

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    I need help with flanger transitions! I can't get them smooth enough.

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    Hi there, I need help making the flanger transitions that come in at 2:39 and again at 2:58.
    I can't get them sounding smooth enough. More precisely when they reach the peak flange and then duck out again, it doesn't sound very fluid or natural.

    Here is the link (I'm a brand new member so it won't let me post links, but the picture serves the same purpose).

    screenshot-2019-04-16-17-09-48-png Before Flanger test.mp3

    Any help would be appreciated. I can provide more info if needed.

    Here is the automation.

    Attachment 47128

    I have experimented with bouncing the whole track and then sticking a flanger on that but it still doesn't sound smooth enough.
    I have put flangers on each track and then slowly automated it out but it still doesn't sound good enough!

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    Links no-go. Post a few more (on-topic/non-cursory) messages.

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