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Thread: Honest opinions about mixing.

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    Cool Honest opinions about mixing.

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    I'm a producer who would like some constructive criticism about a song i'm working on.

    Is there too much bass? How are the drums coming through the mix? What about the clearity in vocals?

    If you have any tips and tricks in general I will gladly try to apply those to the mix and update you with the new versions.

    Thanks! /Snusifer

    You will find my song on our Sound Cloud account: SnusiferMusic
    The name of the song is Katana (Snippet).

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    Now it depends on the style you are aiming for. Yess, there are generics such as "don't overexaggerate this range and that ect." and to carve out frequencies for each of your instruments. However, you will find rules being broken as you go from genre to genre. Some over emphasize the drum, which would be unacceptable in other genres yet is even mandatory in that genre.

    So it question really is "How do I become accustomed to the genre which I aim to emulate?"

    Listen! Focus on the details and then diffuse and see the whole as well. Switch between both modes back and forth. Internalize the music that you wish to produce. Subconsciously, you will begin to make such choices.

    And if you are feeling adventurous, make something new, challenge yourself. "Is there a way to have super loud drums while the melody is extremely soft while still remaining musically satisfying?" "Can I use digital "noises" and glitches for music?" *Cough Cough* *Dubstep* *Cough*

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    I will check it out when I'm in the stud!

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