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Thread: Hey, please critique this mix and help me understand why i can't replicate the kick

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    Question Hey, please critique this mix and help me understand why i can't replicate the kick

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    Heyguys I'm new to the forum nice to meet all of you, its about time I posted a question in a forum.

    I have been struggling for a long time trying to replicate the mix of the kickand 808 of this track : YouTube whenever i do, the kick never seems to hit as hard for somereason. (here's a track that doesn't quite hit as hard YouTube . I do realize that my808 sample is starting at a lower note which probably means that itsa frequency issue but no matter what I do (Cutting low end,compression, Side-chaining, delaying my 808 so that the kick hitswithout interruption etc.) it either takes away the rumble of the 808, the power of the kick, but mainly it doesn't sound like the first track. I would like to hear how you guys feelabout the overall mix, I personally enjoy for my style to have hardkick and an 808 that is loud enough to rumble which is why I would atleast like to replicate this mix but right now I'm stuck in this situation. Thanks!

    Important Extra Info about mymix:
    I use a transient shaper on my master (Itreally helps my kick!)
    My kick is a layer of 3kick samples (1 being a click to cut through the mix)
    I use Fl Studio
    Sorry about grammer errors this was copy and pasted so it got messed up
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    I'd first have to know what you're having troubles with... Details.

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