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Thread: Feedback for Country Rock Mix needed

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    Feedback for Country Rock Mix needed

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    Looking for some feedback on my mix. I am not a fan of the vocals but I can't seem to EQ out the weird tone of it. Also is the bass too loud? How does it all feel? Been working on it for a couple days and have gone through many revisions, just looking for another set of ears and new feedback. Thanks!

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    what's wrong with it?= it's great! Don't fall into the trap of getting bored with your own stuff because you've heard it over & over, due to writing, recording & mixing.
    If you feel it sounds good from the beginning then stay with it.. Just my opinion.

    I like it, good stuff.



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    overall impression is nice..
    the vocal seems not coming through here and there, especially during verses,
    maybe look at volume automaton of the vocals or maybe adding a little more reverb,
    could be louder in general, in my opinion, lets see what others say..

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    I can only listen on my phone right now (will try to listen on a better set-up later). With an admittedly limited sonic perspective, I would say it sounds good. I think the difference between the vocal sections is where it might need some tweaking. Good song and feel though, and it's nice to hear something non-Hip Hop every once in awhile.
    Are these your tracks? Did you do the tracking (or are you only working on the mix)?

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    You're not that far off... instrumentation sounds nice. I think the vocal needs more compression and then push it up slightly in volume. Also, with vocals I will generally go through it and use some detailed volume automation b/c compression can only do so much. Don't be afraid of changing the parts that feel to loud or soft with volume automation (even if it is just a missing consonant). For this track, you want to even out your vocals a bit more and push it up in volume a bit. If the vocal competes to much with your instrumentation, try cutting a little more off of the low end to push it more out in front (but be careful not to thin it out to much b/c then you will lose power). Good luck... this is not my style of music at all but I enjoyed the track!!

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