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Thread: Do studio's master beats made on DAWs?

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    Do studio's master beats made on DAWs?

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    I recently started talking to a few up and coming rappers that have been fucking with my beats but they say they want the quality to be better before they spit on them (dorm room acoustics smh), but is it as easy as just bringing my laptop with FL Studio to a music studio and saying I want my beats mastered?

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    You're talking about mixing, not mastering.

    You don't have to "bring in your laptop" just send the trackouts.

    The most efficient and professional way would be mixing the instrumental tracks and the vocal tracks all together, but most rapper don't realize that...
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    Quote Originally Posted by You Foria View Post
    I recently started talking to a few up and coming rappers that have been fucking with my beats but they say they want the quality to be better before they spit on them
    Tell them they need to tighten up on their flow and improve their breath control before you let them spit on your beat! Remind them that rappers are ten a penny!

    But yeah, sounds like you have mix issues - could be the room - could be you (ie; lack of experience) contact a local studio and see what they need from you. Be honest with yourself about how much help/support you need in order to get the job done.

    To be honest, I've always taken my laptop to the studio. They just put their drivers on my machine and we got straight to work last time.
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    Yeah of course they do.. They might even be able to fix the mix up to a point. But that's not the point of a master.
    Really your best bet is to get stuff sounding as tight and balanced on your end as you can first. Are you using a headphone at all?
    It's not an end-all... if you mix something entirely on headphones, it'll sound bad.

    If you want to get serious though, your first investment should be some monitor speakers, and a place to work that doesn't reflect like crazy.

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    Can you post an example of your work? It sounds like it's either the mixing or the initial sound selection. Things like lower quality kick and snare samples will destroy beats and make them sound weak.

    If you're looking to get them mixed, you should learn how to export each individual track and either send them to people on the internet for mixing (a lot of people here do that including myself) or throw it on a flash drive to take to a studio. Make sure you find somebody that's willing to give you constructive feedback and step in to tweak things. Any good client-engineer relationship should have some back and forth with ideas and feedback.
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    they would but that's not the point...

    you should mix your beat that it sounds great. maybe they mean more that with "mastering"?

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