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Thread: Changing Root Note Issues

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    Changing Root Note Issues

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    Hey I'm currently having a problem with one of my beats and it's driving me crazy. For a melody the default root note is C5. At the time I didn't have a keyboard so I changed the root note so I could play more low notes or high notes on my computer keyboard. I got an actual MIDI keyboard a few days ago and tried playing the same melody on that MIDI keyboard but with the root note on C5, but it didn't sound the same.

    The root note of the melody is on A#2 currently instead of C5.

    So the trouble I'm having is that the 808 does not sound quite exact with the notes that are playing. My 808 is tuned and it's also set to the correct root note for the 808.

    How do I fix this? I would appreciate it so much if someone were to give me some advice because this is the only thing holding me back from finishing this beat and it sounds amazing.

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    How is the melody recorded? As an audio track? As MIDI?

    If MIDI, edit in piano roll mode until it’s right. If it is actual audio, you can try Auto-Tuning or just re-record. I’m not sure I’m getting the dilemma here...

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    Thanks for your help !

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