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Thread: Buzzing Sound On Cool Edit Pro 2.1 Exports

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    Buzzing Sound On Cool Edit Pro 2.1 Exports

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    Have been making some beats in cool edit pro and am getting annoying buzzing sounds on the exports with some of the higher frequencies. This is only on shitty speakers. Played the beat in my car this morning and everything sounds pretty good from a sonic standpoint. Also sounds perfectly fine IN Cool Edit Prop even if I play it through the speakers?! However, when I export the file it starts making buzzing sounds with certain frequencies.

    I always export in wave and have experimented with different wave formats but still get the same problem. I should note that I make two copies of the sample track. One copy has the bassline removed and the other track has the low end on its own. The track with the low end is perfectly fine. Am only getting the buzzing sound on the track without the bass. Obviously its something in the high frequencies but don't want to move any of the good stuff by cutting into the mix to get out the bullshit buzzing sound.

    If anyone is familiar with cool edit and know of any tricks for me to sort this problem it would be appreciated. Am guessing that the sound is in a certain frequencies range and that I will just have to lower that until the buzzing stops but not really sure exactly where it is on the spectrum. Bit of a hard nut to crack so any ideas and input would be appreciated.
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    Could you post a link/sample of the “buzzing?”

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