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Thread: Bluetooth For New Phone Adds Eerie Distortion To My Music

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    Bluetooth For New Phone Adds Eerie Distortion To My Music

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    Hi everyone. Recently I uploaded my first album to Distrokid because I was really pleased with how it sounds on every device I tried.
    I streamed it from my Samsung S5 phone on several Bluetooth audio devices(audio streamer, headphones, earbuds, speaker, TV). But now I have a new Samsung S8 phone of which the Bluetooth makes my music sounds horrible on all the devices I named. Whenever an electric bass or a beat is played, an eerie high pitched sound is added to it which stops whenever the bass or beat stops. On a wired connection(wired earbuds) the album sounds clear, but on every Bluetooth device it's that disturbing continuous high sound which plays on both my wav and mp3 album when the Samsung S8 streams. I don't hear it in professional tracks when I test the same Bluetooth connection.
    My question is: what did I do wrong during Mixing or Mastering, is it my fault?
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