Hi people.
This is not another "can I monitor with Bluetooth headphones" thread, despite the fact that if now in 2020 there finally is a very low latency BT solution for monitoring you're welcome to tell me.

But I don't necessarily need BT when I produce. I'm planning to do just some EDM with a notebook, a mini midi keyboard and a USB mic, so I don't need to move around. Cable is fine.
The reason why I need that my monitoring headphone have BT, is that they will be my only pair of headphones for a long while. So I'll use them also for entertainment.
And it's many years that for entertainment I've cut all cables, and that's a no way back for me.

I don't have much if any experience with mixing, and extremely few with producing.
I'm not looking for the very best Super perfect Headphones.
I just want a pair of headphones reliable enough not to make my mixes sound like crap.
The better, the better.
(Question to the native speakers: Was there any alternative to this last sentence?)

Your help is much appreciated.