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Thread: Best For Mixing -$100: Superlux 668B Headphones or Edifier R980T or R1280T Speakers?

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    Best For Mixing -$100: Superlux 668B Headphones or Edifier R980T or R1280T Speakers?

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    I realised I need to get some better equipment for continuing with my mix. Here's what happened: I watched a mixing engineer on youtube make an adjustment to one of the sliders on a vst plugin and he said, "wow that made a massive difference, sounds so much better now".

    Guess what? I couldn't hear any difference at all! Big wake up call that my cheap headphones Creative HS-720 aren't fit for purpose. The only speakers I have are the laptop speakers and some very cheap consumer pc speakers - very low quality. So I produce on the cheap headphones because they have the best sound quality at the moment.

    So here are some options which are within my budget of $100

    Headphones Superlux 668b - Cheapest option and going by the reviews they should be better than my current headphones, although not much more expensive.
    Speakers - Edifier R980T - Second cheapest option, can't really tell quality from Youtue reviews.
    Speakers - Edifier R1280T - I really like the sound of these on that guy Digital Sterophony's brilliant comparison videos on YouTube but the main criticism I have is that they sometimes seem to muddy up the mids.

    Out of budget
    Speakers - Presonus 4.5 - Little bit out of my price range but the same guy seems to recommend these for production instead of the Edifier R1280T.
    Speakers - JBL LSR3.5 - Out of my price range but they seem awesome by all accounts.

    I've asked around some guys on YouTube and one very good mixing engineer told me at that price range of around $100 it's best to consider headphones instead of speakers for mixing and the Superlux headphones have been said to have the sound quality of much higher priced headphones so this is top choice at the moment - I could get much better mixing environment than I have now for a low price.. Second choice would be the Edifier R1280T speakers because I love the sound but then I realise maybe I'm thinking more as a listener rather than a producer - I'm wondering how good those speakers would be for production?

    Any thoughts on the best way to go?
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