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Thread: Bass conflicting with voxs. Any pros to help?

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    Bass conflicting with voxs. Any pros to help?

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    Idk if i would have to side chain or something. I got this beat off youtube so instead of the bass being one track it is an entire song.

    incase you dont want to download the link and prefer to hear soundclouds horrible quality.
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    If your vocal is interfering with the bass, then you need to EQ the vocal until the bass of the vocal is no longer interfering.

    Or on the flipside, if you have a super low voice that is more bass dominant, then you would want to carve space out of the beat.....this can be tricky when you're working with a 2track since it is already mixed down... so if you cut a couple db from the beat in the mid-bass range to make room for your vocal lower end, you might end up taking too much out of the beat...this is where having the stems is very useful.

    Also, the part of the song where the beat drops out, and its just the vocal..... it makes it sound more clear that the recording was too hot. sounds distorted probably in the 1200-2600hz range.... then there is some real harsh high end as well. i would definitely cut around 150-170hz to lessen the bass of the vocals...and it also sounds distorted around 500-600hz..

    In general, it doesnt seem like the greatest recording quality, which will always work against you.

    So to sum it up..... you probably would want to re-record this. But don't record it so loudly. Sounds like you had your interface/preamp/whatever you use, sounds like you had it cranked up while recording...that is bad. record quietly, as you will make everything sound louder during the mixing/mastering phase. I say record quietly, I dont mean whisper. I mean have your mic volume at a quiet level. No reason to have the mic turned up loud when recording.

    Record at a decent level, and that will take care of most of the distortion I'm hearing......Also might want to draw back on the reverb a little bit.

    Besides that, you'll want to carve out space in the beat, for your vocal to fit in more....otherwise there will be more clashing and interference.

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