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Thread: Any tips on making vocals come out cleaner?

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    Any tips on making vocals come out cleaner?

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    Wassup guys

    I make beats and I feel like I mix them pretty good

    But my problem is when I record vocals sometimes it sounds like I recorded it off my phone smhhhh

    Any tips on how I can get them to sound better and more professional?

    I record in my room and got a pretty cheap mic, but sometimes it comes out clean.

    I understand that the recording is part of having a good mix, but yeah just want to know what are some techniques you guys do.

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    Could you be more specific about the problems you are trying to address (maybe post a sample)?

    Also, could you tell us more about your specific vocal recording chain (microphone, preamp/interface, recording into what, with any vocal FX or no)? Also-- Is your room treated for recording/mixing?

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    If it sometimes sounds like a phone recording and sometimes ok, make sure you're paying attention to what changes - are you recording in the same spot in the room? Are you facing the same direction? Is the distance to the mic same or different as before? Are you moving around when performing? And when you find the optimal spot, make note of it, at least mentally so you can replicate it. If you have a big room, try recording in the middle of it. If you have a smaller room, try putting the mic in a corner but sing away from the corner. Try placing blankets or mattresses on the walls, or build a makeshift booth from one. The aim is to have the bare, unprocessed vocals to sound 90% there - newbies often make the mistake of thinking they can "fix" a shitty recording with effects.
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    What is your set-up? A decent mic can make all the difference. You'll also want to make sure your sound is fairly isolated.

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