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Thread: Any Help Is Appreciated

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    Any Help Is Appreciated

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    Hey i wanna drop my first song but i dont own an expensive amp or mic. I own a 40$ snowball mic. Any techniques i can use to record? I use Fl studio
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    Sell the Blue as while I don't know the quality of them the mic you have is associated with podcasting and with respect to recording you need to research the different mic types e.g. Large Diaphragm Condenser and Dynamic and expensive or inexpensive is a matter of your personal budget. Preamps are separate devices but also are on-board with many interfaces.
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    The Snowball is an USB mic so there's an onboard preamp. It's a cheapo mic - but that doesn't automatically put it into the "unusable" category; you simply need to assess whether or not the quality you're getting from it is enough for you (admittedly this can be hard to gauge without anything to reference to). Anyway, the room/space you're recording in and your own microphone technique will have even more impact on it than the mic itself, no joke. There's obviously a point where "polishing the turd" doesn't get you any further, but work with what you have instead of trying to fix a problem that is or isn't there by throwing money at it.
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