My name is BLNKbeats. Find me on YouTube!

YouTube makes it impossible to upload audio files such as WAV or MP3 using their website.
As Iím using YouTube as a marketing tool for my music, I needed a way to easily create videos for my audio.

Iíve researched a few options out there such as Adobe Premiere or Windows Movie Maker, but I feel none of those is easy enough if youíre only interested in rendering YouTube movies. Even FL Studioís ďZGame Editor VisualiserĒ isnít really intuitive I feel.

Thatís why I decided to create Wavvid (https://wavvid.com).
Wavvid is a Windows/Mac desktop tool that makes YouTube videos from photos and music.
Itís great for creating visualisations for your beats!

Iím looking for people willing to test the alpha build of my app.
You can download the application via the website. Please let me know if you like the idea or how I can improve it!

Happy testing!