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Thread: Uploading my finished MP4 on Youtube [Video Quality and Loudness]

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    Uploading my finished MP4 on Youtube [Video Quality and Loudness]

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    Good morning!

    I am a new producer and i have finally finished four of my projects! But i come to you good folks asking for help..

    I have made the visuals with zGameVisualizer and tested uploading the projects on youtube.

    The problem im having is that the track loudness on youtube is probably 60% lower then other music i listen to on youtube. LUFS is showing aprox -20 on one track and -15 on another. Yet they have fairly similar volume levels.

    The other one is visuals quality. I exported MP4 from FL Studio with Youtube 1080HD settings at 50mbp, 30fps.
    The visual quality looks good when i have 1080p setting on youtube but goes to all hell when i turn down to 780p.

    I have tried to search the web for solutions but i cant seem to find a straight answer for my problems.

    If anybody got some input on this matter it would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you very much!

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    Most people get 1080p. but are you sure it isn't your specific browser that does it. never noticed that quality suddenly goes bad at 720p

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