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Thread: First video advice

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    First video advice

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    welcome all to the room of the havenots. My name is qnique sincere. You can find me onsoundcloud and all other social medias. Im really new to the music industry but im learning quick if you dont have tough skin you dont stand a chance. So im nerouvs as hell beause i know eventually i would have to make my first video being in this visual era. I just want everything to be perfect and set aside from the cliche videos see so much. Any good advice and over or under doing things. Did anyone else feel how i do now. Just wanting the world to really be receptive to your creation.

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    just make what you feel is great and the best you can do. its never going to be perfect.
    You will learn from it and keep improving.
    True fans would recognize your growth and not fault you for your early imperfections. they may even praise you for it.

    that blue and red type hurt my brain

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