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Thread: Encoding help please????????????????

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    Unhappy Encoding help please????????????????

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    Ok I,m using vegas pro 8 to make music vids and dvd flick to make playable dvds.But it takes a lot of time to encode .I edit on my laptop because its duals screened and its a beast.The encoding and burning done on a dell desktop because that were me drives are. (dont come with that apple **** i,m low budget)1 gig of ram 2gig pentium 4 .Anyway I'm rendering avi format from vegas then encoding and burning in dvdflick But takes an hr or so and this isn't productive should I change the rendering format?If so to what format? or change ecoding software? I want to keep vegas for edits its easy like acid pro.Thanks for any help my clients don't like waiting.
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    sorry charlie, video encoding/rendering takes a long time, just gotta suck it up. some other programs might crunch the numbers better, but from what i understand, vegas is pretty darn good. it's mostly the hardware that determines the actual speeds at which things happen. try upgrading ur processor and ram, that will make more of an improvement then swapping software packages. hope that helps.
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