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Thread: Choosing a camera -like a Go Pro with focus/zoom abilities

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    Choosing a camera -like a Go Pro with focus/zoom abilities

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    I shoot reasonably basic music videos with a small budget and a DIY work ethic. I love the resolution & quality that a Go Pro can give, especially for the price. Eg the resulting 1080 footage looks way sharper than the 1080 footage on my panasonic fz35. My only complaint is that I can't zoom in or change the focus on the Go Pro.

    My questions:
    Can you recommend a digital camera (with optical zoom & focus) that will give a comparable picture sharpness to a Go Pro at a similar or even slightly higher price?
    And is there a certain specifiation that I should be looking for that I can compare with the GoPro's output?


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    most phones today operate in 4K

    with a tripod you can get some surprisingly good results

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