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Thread: Technic SL1200 MK2 Turntables

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    yo, i was wondering if some1 could be so kind to tell me what turntables i should buy my budget is $1200, and i dont want those cheap *** $300 numark ones my friend has i want some quality turntables but unfortinatly i dont know what makes turntables better than others, are Technic SL1200 MK2 Turntables anygood? cause I see alot of them on ebay. you imput would be much apprciated! thanks

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    They are good!!!!

    The SL1200 are the industry standard for years now. If you go in a club, you can be sure for 98% that they'll use SL's (or 1210 but it's the same apart for the color).

    Recently (if you compare it to the 20 years that "his excellency" the SL1200 has been there) Vestax came on the market with the first TT's that many dj's say to be real contenders for the SL.
    Read ANY dj related forum and you'll find pretty fast a topic that goes like "Vestax or Technics"
    Well the opinions are pretty much 50/50, some find Technics better, some Vestax, and then some will always choose another brand (to make it easy for newbies too choose you see ).

    For me it's still the SL the best, but I can assure you : you can't make a bad buy when you go for the Technics or the Vestax. And normally you should be able to buy them with that budget of yours (considering it's only for the TT's).
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