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Thread: Rise of HusLoop | Episode 1

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    Rise of HusLoop | Episode 1

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    Hello guys, my name is moses619. I'm a 27yo male producer and internet entrepreneur coming from the westside (Cali).

    I'm currently in a project of creating the biggest music production network in this internet music industry and want you guys to follow me through the journey. You're support & motivation are really needed for my tough times. From my experience, support really gives a boost like no other. I also want to motivate and inspire entrepreneurs in here who are having alot of trouble.

    I have almost 6yrs of internet marketing experience and know how to make little things grow big. I used to be the #1 top marketer in an affiliate network for a short while. I've owned 6 websites and 4 softwares in my career. I was doing good in life then everything turned with a life threatening illness. Not trying to be arrogant but just want to introduce myself

    Here is episode 1 of Rise of HusLoop

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    What 4 softwares have you owned??????
    Signature??? We don't need no stinking signature!!!!

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