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Thread: Next steps..?

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    Next steps..?

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    Hey guys!

    My name is Bart, and I have been playing records for about 8 years now (still love it). Since a couple of months I have been exploring FL Studio (signature edition) which I bought legally.
    Anyhow, now that I get the general idea of the DAW and have made some 'tracks' I want to lift my 'productions' to a new level. I love producing, and want to make my productions better in durable way.
    Question is : what is the best way? I have the feeling that without any additional plugins, synths.. this is virtually impossible. Anyhow, I would like to keep producing legally and don't have a very big budget to invest in this.. What would you recommend? Use more sample packs? Use more free plugins? Illegal..? Trying to keep my laptop clean too, as I use it for college. Most tutorials I watch use multiple (paid) plugins.
    The music I am making is mostly deephouse, chillhouse or disco. Sometimes I like to go a bit more Martin Garrix style, but that's rare. Hope you can help me out a bit here, thanks guys!


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    Welcome and if you could afford to buy FL legally what you should do is focus on what you own and learn the ins and outs of it as being a plugin and/or gear slut is never a good way to spend time and less is more if you want to focus on producing and what are you majoring in, hopefully it is not music.
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