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Thread: New User - Anyone else love their Reggae?

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    New User - Anyone else love their Reggae?

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    Hey all.

    Just introducing myself really.

    Been a long time lurker no time poster.

    I have been producing since about 2005 and have put together 3 albums but never really released anything.

    I have recently been recording a new reggae/dnb album with a mate (DJ Rossiroots) and we are to be releasing it this year. Together we call ourselves EntoxicRoots.

    We have collaborated with:

    Daddy Freddy
    Blackout JA
    Little Harry
    Brother Culture
    Prince Allah
    Colah Colah and many more on the album.

    We have also done 3 music videos to promote the album.

    I'm from Bristol UK, like my beer and green herb and pruduce most nights in my studio (spare bedroom).

    Hope to be speaking with everyone more on here from now on, i need some help with marketing if anyone has time to help?


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