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    New to the forum

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    Hello everybody

    28 year old dj from liverpool, been djing for several years now and think its time to get into the production side of things.

    With several softwares available i am curious as to what would be best to start out on? easiest to pick up?

    i have used sony acid pro before which was mainly to create edits, nothing production wise

    i have a macbook pro, 2.9ghz i5, 16gb ram

    can i just use the software? apart from possibly a midi keyboard is there anything i would definitely need?

    any advice/suggestions would be appreciated


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    Welcome and what style(s) do you DJ? There is no best or worst DAW so start w/any DAW that has a free trial. Get some headphones (no gaming headphones but more like studio headphones), studio monitors and an audio interface w/either USB or Thunderbolt.
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