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    hello everyone i'm just getting started with music production so u know i've already downloaded fl studio and some third party vsts like sylenth .. i discovered edm music by my friend and i loved it it was 3 or 4 years ago and now i want to produce it what i actually wanna know is what my edm song should have u know drums synth .... and if someone could show me plz we can use teamviewer for practice thx in advance have a good day

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    Electronic music is becoming a very broad term, ...I guess EDM with the dance aspects is a smaller, but still very big area, of electronic music. Ya, you'll need synth melodies and a 4 count dance beat (usually) with a side chained bass line to open room for the kicks.

    But there's a lot to it, stick around here and read up. if you have any questions, ask away. Welcome to the forum homie.
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