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Thread: Music School online?

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    Music School online?

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    Hello everybody!

    What do you guys think about taking online courses (PointBlank, DubSpot etc.)? Are they worth the money? Or do you think I should rather try to learn everything on my own? Here's a little info about me:

    - I'm a professional classical musician (I am doing contemporary classical, jazz, folk etc.)
    - I have a basic knowledge of my DAW (logic)
    - I have a basic knowledge of synthesis
    - I know NOTHING about production techniques, mixing and mastering, fx etc.

    Long story short - The technicalities of music production are overwhelming to me. What I feel I need to learn is:
    - workflow
    - fx (compression, eq etc.)
    - sound design
    - various production techniques.

    Artists I am into: Bonobo, Tycho, Flume, Faithless, Hiatus

    I'd be grateful for any tips


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    It may help. But production with respect to the mixing and mastering takes a good ear. The technical ability is really just working in the mixer (adjusting volume, adding effects). It can get detailed, but I think a good ear for music is really the best asset. If you've been working with music for a long time, it's a lot easier to know a good mix from a bad one.

    You can probably learn on YouTube for free, but you'll have to search through the bad videos as well. A paid for class is guaranteed to be helpful and accurate.
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