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Thread: Major advice needed

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    Major advice needed

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    Hi guys,

    My name's Nick. I've been producing for a few months now and found this website not to long ago. I'm just now posting because I just got finished with a track today and need feedback on how im doing. I produced my first song back in June and went from there. I do consider this my best track, but nothing close to "good". I have learned A LOT since, but room for many improvements still exist.

    I would really appreciate it if you just gave it a listen and tell me what im doing wrong and what would make it better. I put a lot of time and work into this and passionate about this lifestyle.

    Thanks, Nick

    Half Life by Nick Barrett | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    (btw, tell me if you like the cover, I design them myself)

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    I think the track has cool melody ideas and arrangement, but the mixing needs work. There are parts poking out louder than other parts. Try to mix everything to blend nicely, ...some say to "fit it" all in an imaginary box, so nothing pokes out. The melody is too loud, and I can't hear any bass (lower than 150 Hertz) anywhere in the song. If you're only going to have a melody like that without bass, bring it down or cut out some some of the super high frequencies around 22,000. it's pretty sharp on the ears. hmm, thats all I have I think.

    The artwork is cool too, looks good.

    There is a feedback sub forum designed for this, so ya can probably get more detailed feedback there.:
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    Nice idea man, i like the general feel but i would definitly fix the kick sound, it sounds doubled over and I would side chain your lead synths to give them a more pulsing feel. make the people wanna jump ^^

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