Hello, my name is MajkyzzZ

I'm from Czech Republic and I simply love music so I started with beatmaking. (Started before 8-9 months )
It's hard and there is a lot to learn, I'm spending a lot of time in front of FL Studio, but that's how we learn, right?

Why I'm here? I'm looking for mentor as title said. I wish to have someone by my side, someone with years of experiences, someone who I can talk with about my music, his music and music in general, about production, about past and future.

I would like to have this one "friend", because in my area where i live... there is no one like that, peoples here mostly dont like rap/trap music at all, many of them actually hate it, but I love it, I listen to it since 2001 (i was 7 years old at that time hh).

I tried to contact few producers but they never responded, so I'm trying it here.

Can i find someone like that here or where should I go?

Even negative response is welcome (just keep it constructive)

And as you can tell, English isn't my mother language so... I'm sorry for my writings.

Have a nice day.