I have not released any new albums in over a decade so i'm trying to get back into it so even though times are tough, last night I ordered a novation launchpadx. I have used the older launchpad but i know very little with the x, so i want to start do some performing in just my bedroom of course i want to get my some packs/loops. The launchpad comes with ableton bug i will be limited to 8 tracks with the lite version that they provide, so it looks like i will be bouncing tracks if i start writing material but anyway for not i'm going to just be using the loops that the packs provide.
Anyway should i just buy a loop pack or an ableton pack? and what is the difference? i have 20 plus years producing but its been 10 years so somewhat i feel like a newby.

so any guidance you guys can provide me would be really appreciated.