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    I'm dead serious about wanting to be a DeeJay, but I need to know how to get started. I don't know about starter equipment and... well everything i'd need to know. Can U help?

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    welcome to!

    Well, fisrt thing to do hewre, is to read th eexisting discussions, a lot of people already asked for help when they start.

    I hope you will find answers in the past discussions. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to post a thread.

    Also... Use the "search" feature (link at the top of forum pages) this will be a big help too.

    Take care!
    Come by the "everyday chat" forum too, to say hi to everybody, and to discuss about anything, even non music related.


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    Smile arent you lucky

    well you got lucky that im bored right now and wanna type a bunch of shiznit :0). Ok well you are about the 100th person that wants to know this. So here is what I recomend to get started and Im sure alot of my fellow DJ's will agree.

    First things first: Choose a Genre to spin (House/Trace/Techno/Jungle) Whatever you like best is what you are gonna wanna spin.
    Next: Once you know that you need to look into getting a starter pack to begin with. You dont want to start off with expensive tables and mixer just incase you dont like it or whatever. So you can read the review I wrote on the Numark Battle Pack 2 Which is a very good pack to start with. The review is on the main page. Other than that one there is many others like The Stanton Scratch Pack, also Gemini is good as well. So pick out one of those depending on your budget of course. Those puppies come with the works, everything and more that you need to start that day.
    Now: Once you have got your pack and tables you need to look into buying some records. If you have a record shop close to your house that is the easiest to go to and buy them in person. Otherwise you can check out sites like.. - - - - - -. Look through their selections and order about 5-10 records to start with. If possible try to get a few of the same tpye of music and a few that are varied. Like 4 house records and then 2 jungle and maybe like 2 trance. yanno what I mean. After some tutorials on this site and others about Beat Matching and Scratching..depending on what you are into. Youll get it down sooner or later...anymore question..feel free to ask...Hope this helped...later
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    Talking A little bit of help

    Sum decent decks 2 start with would be :
    Numark 1520
    Gemini xl500
    Citronic pd1
    Stanton str 80
    Numark tt100
    This all depends on how much dollar u ave 2 spend on ur set, and also how serious u r about djing, if uve had a go at it b4 and u know u like it then id say 2 spend as much as u can on a setup but if its sum thin that u aint sure about watch how much u spend cuz u dont want it just sittin there doin f@*k all, also whatever decks u get make sure that u get direct drive cuz u cant do anythin with the belt drive(theres no torque in the motors).
    Ive read ur profile and u say that u like rhym'in so i rekon that ur it 'hip hop' and 'drum n' bass',Im proberbly wrong but i couldnt give a f@*k, but if im right i bet u want 2 get into scratching so if u do u need a decent set of strong decks so id recommend the stanton str 80, Trickmaster as reviewed these tables on the home page and they seem very good so id have these 4 scrathing and a vestax 03 mixer also recommended by Trickmaster.
    If u just want a set up 2 get u started then have a look at sum of the starter packages u can get in the shops, they cum with everythin u need(decks,mixer,headphones,leads)u just then need ur vinyl,If u dont want scratch and u want 2 watch how much dollar u spend the numark setup Ryan night reviewed is a decent set which cums with numark tt1520 tables and i think its a numark dm1000 mixer which if u look around ull find a good price 4 it, I hope ive helped u out if not then ur loss not mine, text back 2 tell me what setup u decide,CHEERS!

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