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Thread: I do need help getting started from scratch even tho i started producing 5 years ago.

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    Lightbulb I do need help getting started from scratch even tho i started producing 5 years ago.

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    Hey guys. I actually have no idea what i'm doing up at 2:30am but to be honest I just needed to talk to someone or post a thread regarding music production since i realized something. I had no clue where to post this so i'd rather post it here than any other place. Anyways, I've been working with music production for almost 5 years now, and right now at this moment and 10 minutes ago, i thought to myself, how am i hating the new things i try and always go back to the old me when it comes to music. For example: I've been working with samples (melodies) a lot throughout the years, but make the fx, beat, the whole buildup and the song by myself. I just want to be that person that creates melodies from scratch, uses lots of effects here and there, automate so it sounds good throughout the song and really put my soul into a song. I've tried this a loooottt of times, but end up creating the best melody ever, but don't have a good sound for it, or I just cant make a song out of it and trash that project. I've watched videos, I even got some help from other producers, but nothing seems to work. I get the best motivation and end up playing around with fl trying to create things but nothing works out. There are those times where i find something good and made a song out of it like a sample of a melody and i keep building on it. I always tend to create same songs even if i had other melodies (Mostly Trap genre, and a bit of house/EDM)

    I wish i could just go back in time where i knew nothing about music and start over, cause if i were to do that now, my brain would work automatic and head to the samples. I really don't know what to do. I even realized i was way better 1-2 years ago, but have now become a bit worse when it comes to production.
    Is there anything out there that could make me start over and become the producer I want to become? Cause I can clearly see that the path I am in right now isn't the best.

    Thank you for taking your time reading this. appreciate it a lot. Have a good freaking night!!


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    Hi Moe. Sounds rough. I seee you've got the right outlook to get out of your 'slump' for lack of a better term. I know the more the DAWs evolved and the more VSTs and other tech came around I collected them all and used new 'toys' and got lost in the technology. I had to delete everything and get back to when I had no VSTs and just used my real life instruments.

    Since I don't know you and your motivation on what you hope to create. Maybe you can step away from the DAW at times and find real life things you can use for samples, record those, and build off those. I think of something like this: YouTube

    Then make your melodies and rhythms off these things so you're not 'stuck' in your sample libraries and getting you farther form your creative energy. Then continue layering as needed until you complete a song. This is a vital step for your psychology. Even if you don't like it, finish it. That allows you to mentally close the lid on the box and move on.

    A couple of weeks later, open the song and see if there was some melody / snippet / idea that had merit and move it into a new song (or not). But don't trash it.

    Those are just my thoughts and I could be wayyyyy off for you as a creative person. I just saw you posted 3 days ago and I thought I'd add some support where I could. It's important to complete something without judgment and move on mentally. I separate divergent thinking (creating / expanding / idea generating) from convergent thinking (analyzing, reducing, judging).

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