I make beats and record vocals over them, in FL studio.
Too much latency issues when recording.
I read about "direct monitoring" and how it's a fix for latency issues?
Saw a video saying that If I had a hardware mixer I could get rid of latency...So I bought a boss br 1600..thinking it would fix latency issues, also thinking it would be a better interface than my mobile pre by m audio.
But Im not sure how to use it or if it will indeed help me with these issues.

Should I record vocals into it, and then send them to fl for mixing/mastering? or??

I love boom bap beats.... I have been an MC for 25+ years..
No instruments plugged in anywhere....just a mic..and a midi board controller for making beats with samples....

does this boss 1600 machine have better DAC inside than my mobile pre by M audio?

What is the best way to use this machine for what I want...
..latency free recording..

if I record a beat in fl, can I play it back on the boss and record vocals into the boss over the beat in real time, latency free? If so Would I then be able to save that song as a wav file or would it be saved only by boss format and be a waste of time?

Should I trade my boss 1600 for a mpc instead?

I have a good computer... but always run into latency issues no matter what I set the buffer size at, so I'm doing something wrong..

My PC is an i7, 12 GB of ram, SSD for the fl software..
I try to kill all processes running in background, So there is no anti virus, no internet connection, etc..the pc is fast, and I blame the latency on my mobile pre audio interface..

I figured since I had the chance to buy a boss br 1600, at roughly the same price as a new scarlett i2 interface, I would be better off going with the boss 1600 and have higher quality guts inside but it seems a bit complex for me to figure out.

Any help with routing things correctly would help.

Thanks guys / and Gals!