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Thread: I am not good enough , I wonder will I ever be

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    would be interested to hear something from you HELLBELLSOUND.
    would you send some?

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    The title of or your thread really resonated with me. I really get where you are coming from, that is the mindset that dominated me for most of my life and I allowed it to rob me of some pretty significant things…especially when it came to music. I really had no one to tech me about mindset and the power it has to build up or destroy one’s life.
    Like you I have loved music my whole life and it has helped me get through some extremely dark times in my life.

    All through my 20’s I was in bands, had my music played on the radio, worked with some of the most creative musicians in my area, I have even had people approach me and ask for my autograph. I loved playing and performing the songs I wrote with my band, and at times some of the most intense and sometimes sublime experiences of my life.

    Like you, however, I did not think I was good or talented and that I was just “Meh” at best. This negative mindset cost me my band, and the ability to follow through with composing my own music and ultimately, I gave up music altogether for an exceptionally long time.

    There are Myths/Lies/Distortions that we tell ourselves or that people tell us that we buy into that are completely wrong.

    Talk to anyone who has really achieved anything and you will find that there are years of struggle, work and frustration behind them that had to take place to get to this point. Its not magic…you have to work, you have to experiment and you have to be willing to write allot of really crap material before you can start writing anything good. Most accomplished songwriters will tell you this. It took me a really long time to learn this…and really long time.

    I will close with this story on how people can influence our beliefs.

    When I was 10 we had tryouts to see if would could take band in my school. I remember the teach coming around asking each student to tap to a metronome. I though I had did just fine, he stopped and looked at me and told me as a 10 year old I had no rhythm and would never play music and move on. I let that dominate me so much that to this day I have a great deal of anxiety when I attempt to write drum beats all because I adopted his bullshit mindset.

    Took me years to remember this and realize it and get the courage to dive headlong into making music again and its ok if I suck for a bit and its going to be fun as shit learning again.

    I want to encourage to have fun work hard and push through it. One day you will find yourself in the middle of making an insane beat that has your head move and you’ll be thinking holy shit, this is fucking amazing.

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    Learn by taking up audio courses. Best way to skill up is to learn from REPUTABLE teachers.

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