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Thread: How has the technical side of music translated into a creative vision for you?

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    How has the technical side of music translated into a creative vision for you?

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    Iím curious to hear what the relationship between the technical aspect of music (or art in general) and the actual creation of it has been for y'all? Did you learn the fundamentals of music theory, production etc. and build a foundation of skills/knowledge that could be applied to whatever you chose to createÖ or do you start with a creative vision and then acquire the knowledge/skills to execute that vision?

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    I work both ways. Sometimes a sound or melody comes into my head and then I try my best to harness the tech quickly enough that I don't lose it. If I do then I step away and usually something comes later on that fits in that song and it works out. With this approach, tech helps and hinders. Some songs come out quick because of the tech and others get lost and I am in a file management nightmare.

    What has been more successful for me is sometimes going the opposite way and using the tech like a job: making sure I sit down with a huge gap of time to 'create.' I go through a variety of patches, samples, patterns, play my guitar, play my bass guitar, and then puzzle the pieces back together. Again the tech can hinder in having something brilliant that doesn't work but it feels like it wants to branch into a new song.

    For me, the tinkering approach within the job structure approach has helped me balance what that tech can do and where my ideas flourish better.

    Hope this random chat helps you out. I thought I'd share.

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    It hasn't I wrote far more with a Tape 4 track and a Hardware sequencer than I ever have with a DAW
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