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Thread: How to get started from scratch

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    Question How to get started from scratch

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    Hi, I'm new in this forum and in the world of music production in general. I don't have any skills in this field except some knowledge in piano but I'm not even good in it for now I can't even play with two hands.
    I don't know if I have hope of this but I like a lot hip-hop beats especially from Dr. Dre and I really want to learn to create music from scratch. I have FL Studio and I have already tried to play around with it. i used it for example to record some songs with the piano thanks to the Image-Line Remote on my IPad but I don't own a MIDI keybaord.
    If someone with experience can give me tips for how I can learn to produce music I would be grateful because I don't have idea of what is needed. My problem isn't the dedication but it is that I don't know from where i can start to learn from. It's enough a list of things in order sorted by difficulty and by importance of things I need to learn to become a serious composer. With serious I mean I don't pretend for now to become the better in the world but the things I will try to do need to be serious and well-made not just trying some random things without understanding what I'm exactly doing. All help is well accepted but would be better if all steps are explained for example why a step or thing is required and for what is used in this field.

    Said that I hope you aren't confused with my terrible english and that someone can help me.

    Thanks for help !!!

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    i have lessons on FL Studio here: Epsilon-144 | FL Studio Lessons

    and I can help if you have any questions. Let me know. Once you understand the basic functionality of FL Studio, you can really start to produce some good tunes. There's a general overview about FL Studio posted as the first video, and more specific lessons, all for free. I made them in my garage.

    lol hope they help you.

    Here are my most watched video lessons: Epsilon-144
    - YouTube
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