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Thread: Honored to be here! My name is De'Source

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    Thumbs up Honored to be here! My name is De'Source

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    Hello fellow musicians and producers.

    I just started using this forum and I'm really excited to learn about music production and share my experiences with you all. I'm looking forward to sharing all my different experiences with you all. Please feel free to comment, critique and give advice. I'm open to as much growth as possible. Of course, as a fellow member I will try my best to do the same. I started getting into music production about 6 years ago. However I decided to take it a little more seriously about 1.5 years ago. I produce and make beats relating to the hip hop genre. But I can expand and do other styles. I've also been honored enough to work with my good friends and exclusively make beats for them as they are up and coming rappers and entertainers trying to come up in the music industry. I would love to hear honest feedback about what I have now. Additionally I'm also in the leasing business so I feel my beats online using my own website.
    All I can say now is that I'm excited! My link is in the signature, if you want to hear what I have and the rest of my info is on my profile page! Good luck to everyone!
    "This is from De'Source of Course" ~ De'Source

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    Welcome to the forum. I listened to the beats on your website and i really like "bounce wit it", keep up the good work.

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    Hey man good have u here ima check ya out

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