I've produced for about five years. I've been a member on IDMforums for four years and done well there (I'm their main mastering engineer and part of the team that runs their netlabel now). I love it over there and have no plans of leaving them anytime soon, but sometimes I just want a more mainstream perspective on things than they can offer. This looks like a similar format that I'm used to from there and it's still relatively active (unlike many forums these days).

Right now, I produce mostly house or tech-house like music, but I have an experimental streak. I've done IDM, ambient, dark techno, house, tech-house, and blog-house to some degree. These days I seem to be best at mastering other people's stuff, but I'm still working on a house album so we'll see how that goes.

I look forward to seeing what you're all up to, getting to know you, and hopefully picking up a few tricks on the way.