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Thread: Hey, everyone. I just joined this community, so hai ^^

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    Hey, everyone. I just joined this community, so hai ^^

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    Hi everybody, as you read in the title, I'm new to this forum and also kinda... to production as a whole.
    My name's Sae, I'm 15 years old, and I'm learning music production, and my main focus will be on EDM, bounce.
    I really hope to learn a lot from you guys and meet new people here.

    Another thing I wanted to ask was that I wanted to know what are all the main elements in an average EDM track, like: Drums, lead, etc?

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    Hy Sae! Welcome to the forum. It should help you a lot. Yes, EDM is focused around the dance beat (mainly kick) with a sidechained bass line and synth melodies. The "vibes" or like emotion/feeling of the songs can vary depending on what your style/vision is. Welcome to the forum. It'll be good to see you around.
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