Hey guys,

Just stumbled across this nice-looking community and thought I'd introduce myself, after having just posted my first ever track in the Showcase Your Music > EDM forum.

I'm a 39-year-old guy from Nottingham, UK. Trained classical pianist and electronic music fanatic, last year I took the plunge into music production by buying a Yamaha MODX8. I've spent 15 years in thrall to series like Global Underground, Renaissance, Balance and other amazing mix series. I have a particular fondness for Nick Warren and Henry Saiz, if anyone's familiar with those names. Nick Warren's Global Underground 28 is, largely for sentimental reasons, my desert island disc, closely followed by Joris Voorn's Balance offering.

Anway, I've learned an absolute tonne on the MODX and it's opened up whole new worlds. Of course, I still have shed loads to learn, not least about mixing/mastering.

My wife, who also wants to get into this game, just got an Elektron Digitakt as she's more into sampling and mashing up sounds.

So that's me. Anyway, I look forward to taking part in, and learning a lot from, this community.

Yours in music,