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Thread: hello, hello, welcome ᕙ(э ε э)ᕗ ///HOT INTRODUCTION INSIDE///

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    hello, hello, welcome ᕙ(э ε э)ᕗ ///HOT INTRODUCTION INSIDE///

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    hey hello sit down make yourselves at home, my name is timmy holiday and i'm new to this here forum, the beautiful wise pretty OGBama recommended that i say hello to all of you here, so hello!

    so a bit about myself, i play a bunch of instruments but the one i instrument that scares me the most and seems most alien to me is my own voice, so in order to conquer this fear i have decided to try write and record a new song a day til i get good at singing ᕦ(❍人❍)ᕥ i can go into why i think recording and creating is the best way to learn something at length but that might be too heavy for the introduction, let's keep it brief shall we, i mean, i barely even know u.

    on the hip hop side of things, i have decided that i will be posting links to youtube instrumental songs i have created to see if people would like to try sample them and make beats out of them for some reason, and hell i might even flip my own samples with proper guidance.

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's that, so go follow me in all the normal places as i have no friendds in real lyf hahaha (srsly pls) ᑫ⪦ᨓ⪧ᑷ
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    Hello timmyxholiday! That goal you set for yourself is quite vigorous, but I'm sure with your hard work you'll become an excellent singer. I'm looking forward to hearing what songs you can create.
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