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Thread: Hello everyone!

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    Wink Hello everyone!

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    Hello everyone, my name is Giorgio and I'm Italian (I'm form Milano).
    I like electronic music but recently I heard a new kind of music (for me): the "cyberpunk". Really amazing, this mix between 80ís and futuristic music.

    So, I have modestly decided to start to product music on my free time (it's a lot of time that i though about that). My first question is: do you have some pieces of advice for me? Some training material or course? Until now, I have just listen (never play).

    In return I can promise the recepice of orginal "pasta alla bolognese".
    Thank you very much for yours answer!

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    Oh yeah, cyberpunk is the shit (meaning I love it lol)! Daft Punk's production of the Tron OST was awesome and is still one of my favorite soundtracks to this day. Though I suppose it could be described as more futuristic than cyber. But you get my drift. Lol
    Anyhow tips! One that I wish I would have taken a lot more seriously myself: Complete Your Songs! No matter how crappy they sound. Just finish them!
    It really is one of the best ways to learn. And it also forces you to learn how to deal with the hardest parts of production (which can be different for everyone), and teaches you how to get rid of your weak points.
    For myself that has always been sound design. Think I'm finally starting to figure it out though. lol
    Another thing: watch youtube tutorials. Youtube really is a gold mine for that sort of stuff. And don't be intimidated by which audio program they use either, as they basically all function in a similar fashion.
    And don't expect to make anything good for at least a year. Yes at least year (unless you're a musical genius). If you can't wait that long, probably best not to even get started.
    Anyhow, good luck!


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