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Thread: Getting Started: Website Hosting for Music Professionals

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    We are a community of website developers with established careers helping new music producers, recording artists, record labels, DJ's, equipment vendors, music teachers, web developers, content writers, website managers, music business associates, music affiliate and general music enthusiasts. Our goal is to help our web hosting clients establish a strong presence with their online audiences. To become a client, you will first need to have a website with use. Choose a domain name and hosting starter package.

    I say, "we" because our clients are active and ready to be a part of what I'm building here with IndieHost. They understand the value associated with building a website and want to work professionals who can help them go further. So far, all of our clients' websites are under construction, including parts of We started up in December, in the year 2019, and have already started gathering clients. We're excited to see how their music careers come together.

    We assist our DIY clients and address their concerns regarding How to Get Started with Building a Website, usually following after evaluating the idea and goals they have for a website. One of our clients, The Greenroom Music, has a youtube channel for DJing EDM Music. Currently, as of August 28, 2019, the website for The Greenroom Music is under construction as they gather content for and from their music circles. Many of our clients are in a similar boat when it comes to their websites. My friends and I are here for them and ready to help them through the learning curves of getting online.

    Indiehost started of necessity out of the need for producing a way to help my friends with building their websites. They needed a secure way to turn their music into income, collaborate with others in their genres, and connect with experts so they can create more songs; faster. The process associated with publishing websites has been moving along at an expectable pace. We want to focus our website hosting and management efforts on fields in the music business. More news will come as we progress; further, we are still within our first year of business.

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