Amateur Producer
and Rapper
Hey everyone! I am new lol
I'll break this down as quickly as I can
I'm a 24 year old white male - I know, bad already xD
Just discovered music creation last year
Otherwise I just listened to random shit
I was originally just going to produce only
But I felt like I needed to know how to rap as-well
in order to understand how that instrumental voice
fits with the rest of the instruments in the DAW
Took longer than I thought
But now I'm back to attack the DAW
FL studio of course!
My specs are as follows - PC full tower - R9 290x graphics,
and FX8350 as my processor both AMD shitty lol
Music equipment's?! - Audio interface, headphones, speakers,
mic, DAW, midi piano, pad, electric guitar hook up, and of course
the acoustic-rockagator and the Bongo-hooeys
I have Alexa and those weird Bluetooth electrical plugs,
so the phone, Alexa, computer and everything electronic
all interconnects rofl, was weird at first
Anyway I'm Getti, I like to rap and make funky beats!
But I'm mostly a tech-nerd that likes solving windows errors
So editing on the DAW is an absolute pleasure to me
And I side chain only one slot on the mixer to the master output
I place the rest individually Side-chained to only the one slot going to master
This prevents the effects of instruments from imbuing one another
And I always keep my DB -10 on the program to ensure a proper level of fidelity
I'm also currently studying poetry and m
usic theory on my spare time
What I'm wondering mainly is, does this sound like something that, will sink or swim?
Do I have the right idea?!.. Or am I off on a limb?!..