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Thread: FL Studio or Ableton for samplebased

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    FL Studio or Ableton for samplebased

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    So I have done some sampling in the past but never got really good at it or serious, I guess I got decent at it, I even had a maschine mk2 but it never clicked with me.

    I already own Fl Studio signature bundle and I love it for composing orchestral music, I don't know how it stacks up for samplebased beats though.

    I know my way around fl studio fairly well when it comes to composing but maybe ableton is better for sampling.

    Another route I'm thinking about is getting serato sample and just use it with FL studio.

    I would consider myself to be fairly new to sampling since I have forgot some things that I knew in the past.

    I don't even know if people use effects on the main sample/slices.

    Any insight would be appreciated.

    Also you can find an orchestral track beneath just so you can hear my skills, this is all made in fl studio with kontakt libraries, don't feel like you have to listen to the track, I just thought it might help you give a better answer.

    The Battle Of The Storm - YouTube

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    Hi Peshti,

    I'd say both are good options. I'm a FL Studio user, personally. Abelton will take a while to get used to but it does excel at live performance and loop recording and manipulation, whereas FL Studio is more of a sketching notepad.

    A couple things to consider when sampling is what you want to edit the samples on and how you want to play them. I prefer to do my sampling in a separate wave editor, rather than using Edison. I find it quicker and easier that way.

    I've messed around with drum pads and controllers but I'm really at home painting in notes so FL works best for me.

    So if you want a more live, hands on feel, go For Abelton, if you want something all about easy/simple workflow, go for FL.

    Hope that helps

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