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    hiya ppl. i really am grateful if u guys can gimme a tip or two bout setting up a dj console plus a musik makin' machine.

    here's my problem. i dunno wat equipment should i buy for a newbie like me. but at least i know wat musik i'm gonna spin. i wanna skratch and be making musik wif my pc.
    here's wat i got wif me rite now;

    a pair of 1210 Techies,
    vestax's 06pro,
    sony's je520 md-deck,
    nad's c520 cd player
    and a gamer's dream machine(1GB MHz wif 32GB of space)

    so wat do i wanna buy now? i'm looking fer a power-amp + pre-amp, speakers fer my 'altar' and wat soundcards/softwares/hardwares should i use fer my machine.

    i was thinking bout hooking all of them (tuner, md-deck, dj-console, cd-player) to my amp and eventually to my pc.

    and so my dear frens, can u advice dis idiot from asia wat equipments should he buy. firstly, should i buy an amp + speakers from the pros(roland, mackie,etc) or the audiophiles(rotel,yamaha,nad,etc).

    i wanna make phat beats all day long so pls help me out wif dis guys.

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    As for the AMP I definitly suggest something by QSC audio, they make HIGH quality amps. I personally have the QSC 1602, that is a 1,600 watt amp that really can pump some speakers - they also offer amps that give WAY more pump if you are looking for some bigger power. When it comes to speakers I suggest you get some JBL's - or Makies are very good too. If you are getting a TWO speaker set then make sure you can get full range out of them - i.e. they have substantial woofers and tweeters and midrange, OR some woofers and 'voice coils'. If you are buying more than two speakers then you can shop around and see the options. Once again remember that you cannot forget ALL the ranges of sound. JBL's are definitly one of the standards. When it comes to what you describe as a 'pre-amp' what do you mean? If you mean a mixer then I suggest something by Vestex, they make some VERY nice mixers, also Gemini makes some good stuff on their upper lines. Rane is another one to look into. Another thing you didn't mention is the RAM of your computer system - this needs to be AS HIGH AS POSSIBLE. Working with sound files, as I am sure you know, requires some extensive computing power and the only way to occomplish this is with massive prossesing power (i.e. Your proccesser speed AND VERY importantly your RAM - preferably it should be 'SDRAM'). If your RAM is not high enough then you will experience delays in your outputs. As for software you should look into Rebirth for a virtual drum machine and computer based sequencer. Cubase is another program that can help you lay down your tracks and add your flavor. All these items will run you a VERY large amount of money, so if you are on a tight budget let me know and I will give you a better recomendation.
    Hope all this helps!


    more n o i s e please!

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