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Thread: Beginner looking for help:

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    Beginner looking for help:

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    I have recently got into making music, i have decided to use cakewalk as a DAW as i can understand its interface / works well with my midi keyboard & audio inputs.

    My biggest problem at the moment is with Virtual instrument plug ins, i have spent hours downloading them and running them to the right pathways but can never find them on any of the DAW ive tried cakewalk/protools/LMMS/ FL Studio.

    Where do you guys get free virtual instruments & what DAW would you suggest for me to use (thats free) as i am only about 2 days into this and could easily swap.

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    This will be your #1 stop for free VSTs (Effects) and VSTi's (Instruments) and other formats of course. KVR: VST Plugins, Audio Units (AU Plugins) & AAX Audio Plugin News, Reviews and Community - plus iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android Audio App News Too (Virtual Instruments & Virtual Effects)

    I have to ask what does 'running them to the right pathways' mean? If they're running to the right pathways than any DAW should be able to find them on first scan when the application launches. In the DAW's preferences they should point to a VST or VST3 folder and pick them up automatically. Maybe you uncheck 'Scan for FX on Start-Up or something similar (dependent on your DAW of course).

    I do know with Cakewalk (former user from wayyyyy long time ago) needed a track for the MIDI and that track then routed to another track that had the MIDI track as the input and the VSTi synth as the output. It was a bit different than others and may have been changed.

    Anyway, it sounds like you need to check that the VST is installing in the right folder and then whether your DAW is finding that folder.

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